09 Giugno 2023

Create a Pollicina Double Bag

Did you know that two Pollicina bags can be joined together to make a Double Bag?

Our Pollicina Double is very easy to build: each Pollicina bag is made of a single sheet of leather where on each side you can find a different color, to assemble it just fold the flaps of the leather like an envelope and hook them together with our cufflinks (included in the kit). The "cufflinks" are similar to "pegs" and are used to join two parts of leather together, to insert them into the surface of the leather make a light pressure with your hands, no special tools are needed, it's very simple.
Choose the colour you want for the outside of your Pollicina bag and insert the cufflinks on the sides as indicated in our instructions. Fold the flaps of the leather to hook them together on the front, insert the large knob that you will need to close the flap at last.

To make a Polliocina Double you need 2 Pollicina bags, you can choose to buy 1 at a time or buy 2 kits directly on our website. We always suggest to assemble 2 bags with a different colour because the visual effect is more beautiful and also because in this way it's like having 2 separate compartments: if each one has a different colour it's easier to find things.
Have you ever gone out with your boyfriend and he asks you if you can keep his wallet in your bag or the bunch of keys?!? Pollicina double is also made for him! In fact you can keep "his" things separate from yours and finding them will be easier!

After assembling the shell of the first Pollicina bag, build the second one in the same way: choose the color you want to have on the outside (which matches better the Thumbelina just assembled) and proceed with the same steps ... Now you have two separate leather containers, continue to follow our instructions by looking at our images: you need 2 long laces to join the two bags (also included in the kit bag to assemble), the lace is inserted through the eyelets on two sides and then slide. No pegs here, just an interlocking game.

The two Thumbelina bags are finally joined together, only the shoulder strap is missing:
take 1 long lace (it has two buttonholes cut on the tab) and 1 short lace (only 1 buttonhole cut), hook them together with our illustrated system and create the shoulder strap. You can decide how long your shoulder strap should be by adjusting the length with the cufflinks that you can detach and reattach as many times as you want.
You can also decide to change the colours of your Double Bag by simply turning the inside outwards: it will be like having two bags in one, or many more!

Have fun creating your favourite colour combination, the one that best matches your style and look. With the Liberty of Creation bag kit to assemble it's easy to "build" a bag and even transform it.
Ready for the challenge? The game starts here!

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