22 Settembre 2021


We, LIBERTY of CREATION are a high-end Italian handbag brand.
All bags are made of REAL LEATHER: this is produced in ITALY and in accordance to every norm guaranteeing the respect of people and their environment.

"CREATE YOUR OWN BAG" is our philosophy, because from Liberty of Creation you can receive an innovative bag in the form of a KIT to assemble.

This enables anyone to choose exterior and interior colors, as well as its handles and you can change your bag’s looks as many times you want.

Feel free to choose the colours you prefer: combining the different parts together is a very simple trick.
We offer you an idea: you do the rest!
Our mantra can be summoned up in these 4 actions:

This is our motto, because we dislike disposable fashion, and believe in beautiful and well-made, high quality products.
We control the quality of all materials, as well as all part used. This is to ensure you always receive an authentic, original and ever-changing product.

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