23 Aprile 2024


LIBERTY of CREATION is the first bag you can build at home alone, and without the use of specialized machinery, there are no seams, just your hands, and your creativity.

LoC bags can be purchased exclusively online. You receive your own KIT to be assembled or your own pret-a-porter bag. If you choose to buy it in KIT, it will be delivered to you complete with everything you need and with easy to follow instructions.

See the advantages?

All parts are made of genuine double face leather.
You receive two sides and two different colors, this allows you to disassemble and reassemble the bag as many times as you want and decide how to compose it, it can be all black, colored or mix of colors, you determine your style.

This means that with Liberty of Creation, you can change the image and design of your own bag whenever you want, and not only ... You can always make it unique and personal by choosing new and different combinations fitting your style, your daily outfit or your mood.
(it only takes a few minutes!)

You can also adjust the length of the handles, insert and remove details like pockets and clutch bags,
or attach two bags together to create a new one.

You will always find plenty of tips on how you can change and pimp your own baby bag.
With Liberty of Creation changing styles has never been easier

It's simpler than it looks... Try it, your game starts here! And you choose the rules!

Realizzazione siti web www.sitoper.it
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