13 Giugno 2024

Create your own bag

Have you ever thought of creating with your own hands something unique and special like a bag, a design object that accompanies you wherever you go?

Does it seem complicated to you? It is actually easier than you think.

Maybe when you were a kid, you might have come up with a puzzle ... No, not the 1000-piece puzzle you never finished! To make a Liberty of Creation bag just 1 to 8 pieces of leather are enough.

You probably also happened to play with Lego, or with the Chiodini. It was beautiful, wasn't it?

Building our bag has the same magic! Imagine a big and soft Lego: the bricks are the leather parts and the Chiodini are our buttons.

When you buy the bag online (the Kit to Assemble) you receive our Kit at home complete with everything you need, including instructions (very simple drawings to follow), or you can decide to build your bag by simply following the video you find on the YouTube channel. Just type in the model name (for example: GULLIVER, LILLIPUT, POLLICINA or ROBIN) and our brand: Liberty of Creation, you will immediately have the video available with all the necessary steps to build the bag in the Tutorial version (full video) or in the fast one (1 minute) if you are in a hurry and you already know how to do it.
The complete videos of Liberty of Creation are always present also on our website, on the page: build your bag.

What is the advantage?!?

Liberty of Creation BAGS are all TRANSFORMABLE, DOUBLE FACE and REVERSIBLE, this means that the LEATHER parts always have 2 sides and 2 colors, (also the handles). This allows you to BUILD the bag in a truly CREATIVE and PERSONAL way. For example, if you buy GULLIVER, LILLIPUT, POLLICINA or ROBIN in the white / black variant, you can choose to BUILD your bag TUTTA white, TUTTA black, or MIX (as proposed by us).

So you can decide to change BAG whenever you want, according to your style or your personality!

But if BUILDING has never been your strong point and you want the BAG as proposed by us, you can choose the option BAG ALREADY ASSEMBLED when you make the purchase online. You will arrive at home with Express Courier (as well as the ASSEMBLY KIT) in 1 or at most 2 working days.

Test yourself with LIBERTY of CREATION, the game starts here!

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