13 Giugno 2024

Making my own Pollicina bag

I ordered a Liberty of Creation KIT after a friend of mine introduced me to this original website. Here you can buy the finished bag as shown in the pictures or quickly and easily assemble a brand new one according to your own taste.

Liberty of Creation offers you plenty of freedom and possibilities: anyone can build his own special bag.

A light bulb in me went off:

"Genius! This is the Ikea of bags! "

I LOVE how Liberty of Creation offers plenty of freedom and versatility with each model.

First of all, a Liberty of Creation bag comes with an affordable price because by purchasing a "to be assembled" model, you are saving on the cost of someone else's labor. In addition to this, you become the owner of a stylish bag made of REAL LEATHER, with the "Made in Italy" guarantee.

This coveted bag would come with a higher price tag if sold in retail stores.

An additional unique feature offered by Liberty of Creation is the transformable and REVERSIBLE parts of each bag. Each side comes in a different color: this means that each model can be re-arranged in 2 different colors.

You buy one handbag, but you actually own 2 transformable ones for the price of one only.

I must admit, I found the idea of BUILDING a brand new bag using my own hands quite appealing. Sure it was something I had never done before, but as I looked at pictures and explanations, it all quickly became clear, light, and enjoyable. Hence I made up my mind and bought my black/white Thumbelina online.

The kit arrived home within a few days, and the package was very eye-catching and detailed. Once opened, I found right away a leaflet with all the bag's components. I placed them on a table and noticed that it is only a matter of a few steps to a perfectly completed bag.

The first thing I read was: BUILD your Thumbelina, let's start by choosing the outside color.

Easy: Thumbelina is composed of a single piece of leather that can be folded on itself, resembling the shape of a letter envelope. As per my own Thumbelina, I selected one that could be either white or black.This time I chose white because it is a fresh color that nicely stands out on the coats I wear.

The kit includes some small dots (looking like little fat nails): these are called GEMELLI (also black and white) and are attachments to bind the leather parts. I chose to use white and black "gemelli" (studs) alternating the two colors.

After having built the bag structure with the studs included, I started assembling its shoulder strap. This one is composed of 4 leather laces that can be fitted and hooked together. Once the laces are joined together, you can adjust their length and finally attach them with the cufflinks to the bag.

Here is my FINISHED Thumbelina bag!

In total, it took me about 20 minutes to assemble it, and it was a lot easier than what I could have possibly thought.

No doubt, I enjoyed building my Thumbelina bag, and it has been a piece of cake!

This is why I can only recommend to anyone to browse through the Liberty of Creation website and find their own bag...There is a good selection of models that can match different tastes and uses.

A huge THANK YOU goes to the "Liberty of Creation" for conceiving innovative DIY bags, able to accommodate my ever-changing taste and mood for every day.

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