23 Aprile 2024

Creating a Lilliput bag

the Lilliput bag by Liberty of Creation is a very simple shopping bag composed by 2 parts of reversible leather, 2 leather handles and several black or white Nylon cufflinks.

The main feature of LoC handbags is the fact that they are all made of Genuine Double Face Leather, this means that each side comes in a different color and allows you to choose which one to use for the outside and which one for the inside, in fact you are the one to BUILD it!

Even the real leather handles are reversible: one side is black, the other orange, so you can choose the external color and not only, you can shorten or lengthen their length with a few simple gestures.

How does it work?

The leather parts are hooked together with little cufflinks, similar to "pegs" with a round head on one side and a flat base on the other. These cufflinks fit into the holes already present on the leather parts, just a little pressure with your hands, no special tools are needed, in the same way you can detach and remove them with a certain ease to reposition them.
The system of cufflinks or pegs is very simple, yet it is very resistant if applied in the way we illustrated, the Lilliput bag in fact was designed for work, because it contains well A4 documents, drawing folders or the Laptop. Its vertical shape makes it suitable for both men and women and the buttonholes on the top side (small rectangular holes of 2 cm), are used to attach the key ring, the inner pochette or our Tag (guarantee of authenticity of the product).

What is the advantage?

You can choose to change the colour and appearance of your bag according to your clothing or look, for example you can choose to make it ALL black, coloured, or MIX, as we propose.
It's like having several bags in one, we suggest ideas, you do the rest!

You can decide to build your bag by following our instructions (included in the packaging of the kit bag) or simply watching the videos you can find on our YouTube channel. Just type "Liberty of Creation" and the model name, now you have available the videos with all the steps needed to build the bag in the tutorial version (full video) or in the fast version (1 minute) if you are in a hurry and you already know how to do it.
The complete Liberty of Creation videos are also always available on our website, on the page: create your own bag.

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