13 Giugno 2024

Create a bag in reversible leather

Our project is called LIBERTY OF CREATION:
giving the possibility to all people to "build" their own bag at home, without seams and without the use of special tools, just your hands and the KIT to assemble from Liberty of Creation (available only on our online shop) and follow the simple instructions included...
creating aleather bag sounds complicated to you?
Actually, with our system it's easy and fun...

We developed a kit easy to assemble that anyone would be able to use to create their own leather bag.

We want to give you a beautiful well done bag (all parts are made of genuine leather, reversible and double face) that you can change whenever you want. This system allows you to disassemble and reassemble the bag by changing the exterior color with the inside, you can have it all black, bi-color or Mix. Basically it's like having so many bags in one.

You can also combine elements of one model with others and create your own LoC bag,
our Pollicinaa can be combined with another to create a Pollicina Double Bag.

This is not a just simple "personalization" as many people already do,
Ours is a real design project tested and patented by us. Create your own bag is our motto.

Why buy a bag in kit from to assemble?

because we don't want to throw away resources that can be used in a different constructive way. Skipping the "passage" of the shop and the "processing" (which you do in a short time at home) the price is much cheaper, about half the cost of the finished bag. This requires a bit of patience and a bit of your time, think it's the same principle as IKEA furniture, only simpler because you can assemble the bag from the comfort of your seat.

How do you build a LoC bag?

The system of our bags is very simple. It's a modular system made up of pieces of leather that are joined together with little cufflinks similar to pegs. These cufflinks that look like small studs, can be white or black and have become our distinctive character, because they are present in all models, you can decide how to position them and they can be easily hooked and unhooked by hand. Although it is apparently a simple system, the finished bag is very durable.
You can decide to build your bag by following our instructions (included in the packaging of the kit bag) or simply watching the video that you find on our YouTube channel. Just type the name of the model (Gulliver, Lilliput, Thumbelina or Robin) and our brand: Liberty of Creation, now you will have available the videos with all the steps necessary to build the bag in the tutorial version (full video) or in the fast version (1 minute) if you are in a hurry and you already know how to do it.
The complete videos of Liberty of Creation to see how to do it, are always present on our site, on the page: build your bag.

Produced in Italy, made by yourself

This is also a very important aspect for us:
All components are produced by certified Italian companies that respect the environment and people.
The leather used for Liberty of Creation bags is produced in Italy, with a process called White Tan, which respects the environment and does not release toxic substances on contact. More and more are spreading in our country low cost products from countries that do not respect human rights and decent working conditions. Our goal is to give equal opportunities to women in the future, especially mothers (it is no coincidence that the founders are two young mothers!) and a chance to work where being a mother is not seen as a penalizing factor, but a point in our favor ... Because mothers develop problem solving skills and practical sense really superior!

Recycle your bag, create a new one

We are committed to recycle the water used for the production of leather and nylon accessories, we ask you only to use your creativity and re-use your LoC bag for more than just one season, Liberty of Creation bags are designed to "last" over time and still give the wearer the opportunity to renew their style without buying a new one. For example, if you sharpen a white LoC bag, after a while you can decide to change it to black by simply unbuttoning the cufflinks and turning the leather parts on the opposite side. Does that sound complicated? Actually it's simpler than you think, just try it out, the game starts here!

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