23 Aprile 2024

Making your own leather bag

LoC stands for Liberty of Creation, an independent brand created in Italy with the intent to enhance our local resources and allow buying a bag in REAL LEATHER Made in Italy at a sustainable price.

SUSTAINABILITY is the value at the core of our products. We work with genuine cowhide and procedures that respect the environment and people as much as possible. Not everyone is aware that leather is not only one of the most resistant materials in NATURE. In addition to this quality, leather is also a waste material from meat consumption. Since prehistoric times man has used the skins of the hunted animals to dress and cover himself (for example, as American Indians do in the film "Dances With Wolves").
As a consequence, if we eat meat, then it is ecological to use the skin that would otherwise be disposed of in the environment.

The leather used for our bags goes through treatment called TANNING.
There are various types of tanning, Liberty of Creation uses WHITE tanning, a process derived by a combination of synthetic tannins and vegetable tannins. Through white tanning, leather develops a lighter weight, very bright colors. More importantly, this type of treated leather won't release any harmful substance. Liberty of Creation bags are safe products for the human skin and the environment as well.

Liberty of Creation uses leather as we care about producing LOCALLY and using materials typical of our region: Tuscany (Italy).

Our white tanning procedure is carried out within the district of Pisa, which has an established and international reputation for the manufacturing of high-quality, high-end leather products.

Liberty of Creation is an innovative brand in a saturated panorama of bags and leather products,
Our bags are totally seamless, hand assembled, with an innovative interlocking system that uses small nylon pegs, also called BUTTONS or twin buttons.

Only with Liberty of Creation bags, you can buy your own bag to assemble or pret-a-porter,
Our system enables you to create a different style as many times as you want.

You can BUILD your bag as you like because the parts are modular and reversible.

This is an additional reason to support our SUSTAINABILITY values because buying a LoC bag is like having many others in the same; you can transform it and change its appearance by turning the leather parts on the opposite side, the same bag can be colored, all black or mix. Fashion can be sustainable by reducing consumption and improving the quality of the products we choose.

Do you like the idea? Put yourself to the test and build your own LoC bag.

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