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Create a Pollicina Double Bag
28-05-2020 14:31 - General news
Did you know that two Pollicina bags can be joined together to make a Double Bag?

Our Pollicina Double is very easy to build: each Pollicina bag is made of a single sheet of leather where on each side you can find a different color, to assemble it just fold the flaps of the leather like an envelop...
Create a bag in reversible leather
18-05-2020 21:32 - General news
[girl wearing the pollicina leather strap made with genuine leather from the kit bag to assemble that you can create by youself handmade diy projects design creative]
Our project is called LIBERTY OF CREATION:
giving the possibility to all people to "build" their own bag at home, without seams and without the use of special tools, just your hands and the KIT to assemble from Liberty of Creation (available only on our online shop) and follow the simple instructi...
Creating a Lilliput bag
18-05-2020 18:26 - General news
[create your lilliput bag from pieces of double face leather make it by tourself handmade asseble the kit bag with our cufflinks and handles]
the Lilliput bag by Liberty of Creation is a very simple shopping bag composed by 2 parts of reversible leather, 2 leather handles and several black or white Nylon cufflinks.

The main feature of LoC handbags is the fact that they are all made of Genuine Double Face Leather, this means that each si...
Making your own leather bag
11-01-2020 19:04 - General news
[real white tanned leather to be used for Liberty of Creation LoC reversible reversible double-sided bags to build yourself with your own hands without seams assemble disassemble transformable can be purchased only online in the kit or already assembled Italian product made in Italy sustainable]
LoC stands for Liberty of Creation, an independent brand created in Italy with the intent to enhance our local resources and allow buying a bag in REAL LEATHER Made in Italy at a sustainable price.

SUSTAINABILITY is the value at the core of our products. We work with genuine cowhide and procedur...
Making my own Pollicina bag
11-01-2020 15:21 - General news
[building a handmade Pollicina liberty of creation bag in genuine leather made in italy is very simple leather parts are used in this case a single piece joined by cufflinks mushrooms buttons black and white plastic nails like a puzzle game the shape is a unique piece that folds on itself like an envelope with 2 flaps that join reversible 2 double-sided colors to be assembled disassembled]
I ordered a Liberty of Creation KIT after a friend of mine introduced me to this original website. Here you can buy the finished bag as shown in the pictures or quickly and easily assemble a brand new one according to your own taste.

Liberty of Creation offers you plenty of freedom and possibilit...
Create your own bag
04-01-2020 09:39 - General news
[Use your hands to build the bag you have chosen, hands that assemble the buttons or cufflinks on the skin of the gulliver bag, seen from the side, the two parts that come together]
Have you ever thought of creating with your own hands something unique and special like a bag, a design object that accompanies you wherever you go?

Does it seem complicated to you? It is actually easier than you think.

Maybe when you were a kid, you might have come up with a puzzle ... No, not the...
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